Our Work

Metro World Child is dedicated to serving boys and girls growing up in the roughest circumstances and environments around the globe, ministering to them through weekly Sunday School services, child sponsorships, special programs and personal home visits on a weekly basis.

In the inner city neighborhoods of New York, as well as in countries across the globe, Metro World Child is presenting a message that transforms young people on the inside, so that they will be able to resist the obstacles that try to destroy them daily. The concepts Metro has developed are being duplicated all over the world because they are based upon sound biblical principles that transcend cultures, denominations, race and generations.

Based on the principle that it is better to build boys and girls today than to repair men and women tomorrow, Metro World Child reaches nearly 100,000 inner-city children and their families every week in New York and around the world. Each of our programs, from Sunday School to coat drives, is purposefully designed to break destructive cycles and give children the hope they need to create a new path for their lives, founded on the life-changing power of the Gospel, and reinforced by relationship and meeting physical needs, in the U.S. and around the globe.


We believe that a true life change can only happen through knowing Jesus. While reaching out and meeting physical needs is important, it’s ultimately the redemptive power of Jesus is what breaks destructive cycles and changes lives. For children living in hopeless situations, hearing about the love of Jesus gives them the ultimate hope, joy and peace and provides a foundation that can’t be shaken. Our Sunday School programs are the heartbeat of our ministry, and it’s in these environments that so many Metro children have the chance to meet and receive the love of Jesus. And in everything else we do, we share the message of Jesus with children, speaking truth into their lives about who they are and who they can become.


At the heart of everything we do are intentional, one-on-one relationships with the children with whom we work. While we cannot underestimate the importance of meeting physical, educational and spiritual needs, we understand that those are best met in the context of being actively involved in a child’s daily life.

Metro is committed to being present in the communities where we work. Our staff members live in the neighborhoods they serve and make regular home visits to the children on their bus routes or in their villages around the world. For children coming from backgrounds of abuse or abandonment, the consistent care and attention that a Metro staff member offers is often the simplest, yet most meaningful demonstration of love we can give. Beyond the relationships formed with our staff members, Metro World Child’s sponsorship program allows children to form relationships with individuals and families across the U.S. and around the world. Our child sponsorship relationships are personal and mentorship-focused, with many sponsors visiting their children, sending gifts or meeting specific needs.

These relationships are also what make our programs successful. The constant involvement and accountability provided through mentorship helps keep kids coming to Sunday School, helps us identify needs in a child’s life and actively proves the love of Christ in a tangible way.


At Metro World Child, we not only strive to bring hope and joy to a child today, but we also constantly consider how our work impacts his or her life tomorrow. The children we work with have so many obstacles to face, and we want to equip them to overcome these challenges and set their lives on a new path. Our vision is to see children’s lives changed, so they become leaders and witnesses to the next generation as adults. We begin by teaching young children moral and life principles from the Bible, setting their lives on a path of wisdom and peace. As Metro children grow up, we offer a Worker-in-Training program, allowing committed teenagers from the areas where we work to become more involved in the ministry and begin to develop their passions and life skills. We currently have many employees who were once children involved in Metro’s programs, living testimonies to the power of Christ in a child’s life.