Philippines: Book Bags

Achieving basic primary education remains one of the greatest challenges in the Philippines. Only 67 percent of the children who enter first grade will complete basic elementary education. Many stop attending school because school supplies or transportation is too expensive. By helping to provide basic school supplies and other necessary items for school you help to ensure that a child is provided with what he or she needs to receive an education.

The Philippines Book Bag project provides a book bag filled with much needed school supplies.

New York: Book Bags

It's amazing how powerful a new book bag filled with school supplies can be for a child. That's beacuse in the dead-end environment where Metro kids live, it's easier to drop out than move up. Providing much needed school supplies gives children the chance to build the educational foundation they need to find a better future for their lives.

The Back to School Outreach gives children a brand new, sturdy book bag filled with necessary school supplies.

Romania: Mobile Kindegarten

Unfortunately, it is part of the Romanian culture to treat Gypsies as outcasts. As a result, Gypsy children are not given the opportunity to go to public schools to learn how to read or write. Many Gypsy chidlren don't even know how to hold a pencil. Without these basic skills, the children don't have a chance at fully developing or make living when they get older.

The Metro Romania Mobile Kindegarten gives these precious children an opportunity to receive an education - and reach their full potential. The Mobile Kindegarten is a remodeled city bus, with seats replaced with desks, chairs and a chalkboard on one end. All of this allows Metro to bring school to the outskirts of society where these children live. Each week, the Metro Romania team, along with a Romanian teacher, will travel to the Gypsy villages to teach the children.

Not only will the children learn basic skills, but they will also learn about God's love and the future He has for them.