Acts of Love

Operation Holiday Hope: Global Initiative

At Christmas, Metro World Child teaches every child who attends our programs around the world about our Savior's birth - sending them home with a Christmas gift to show them that someone cares. These gifts are a tangible way to show the love, hope and truth of Christ to a child who might otherwise feel abandoned during the Christmas season. The joy on a child's face as they receive the special gift and more importantly, the gift of love is unmistakable.

Operation Holiday Hope is an initiative that's done in all countries Metro World Child is present in. The Christmas gifts the chidlren receive are gifts best suited to the countries specific culture and needs. For example, in NYC, the children receive a wrapped Christmas present. In the Philippines, it means the most to a child to receive a meal for their family to share for Christmas rather than a wrapped toy.

New York: Christmas Stocking Project

Most inner-city children do not know what it's like to receive something handmade with love and care, but Metro World Child makes sure our kids know what it's like through out Christmas Stocking Project. You can be a part of providing a Christmas Stocking for a child by hand making one or supporting the project financially.

Making Christmas Stockings are a great outreach for individuals or group projects. Throughout the year, volunteers make stockings from the pattern provided and fill them with goodies for boys and girls. The pattern provides sewing specifications as well as information on what items to stuff into your stockings. All stockings must arrive before NOVEMBER 19th each year.

If you are not able to make or send a filled Christmas stocking, you may also participate by making a contribution to this project. Just $10 provides a child with a stockings that could be filled with an answer to the simplest of prayers - a toy car, a hair barrette or even a toothbrush.