Mentorship and Personal Growth


At the heart of everything we do are intentional, one-on-one relationships with the children with whom we work. This is accomplished through Metro staff visiting the child (and their family) in their home.

Visitation is vital in building a relationship. The constant involvement and accountability provided through mentorship helps keep kids coming to Sunday School, helps us identify needs in a child’s life and actively proves the love of Christ in a tangible way.

In all of Metro World Child locations around the world, visitation is a staple in our initiatives and done on a weekly basis in New York, Romania, Philippines, India, South Africa and Kenya.

Worker-In-Training Program

Metro’s vision of raising up leaders, teachers and pastors hinges on the Worker-In-Training program. This program takes Sunday School a step further and helps the child deepen their relationship with God while learning to give back as a young leader in the Sunday School program.

Many of the children who attend Sunday School look forward to the day when they can be in the Worker-In-Training program. It’s an opportunity allowing them to stand out in their generation and make a difference.